About Us

Spectra Photopolymers, headquartered in Millbury, Ohio develops and manufactures a variety of products such as 3D Printing resins, adhesives, coatings, photoinitiators and color change labels and concentrates. Our goal is to provide solutions for new technologies and applications in the radiation curing field.

Spectra Photopolymers (formerly Spectra Group Ltd.) started in 1990 as a small startup with the goal of printing 3D medical models from CT and MRI scans. Since then, the company has not only grown to serve many sectors of the radiation curing industry but also has become a leader in the custom development and manufacture of 3D printing resins, UV curable coatings and adhesives and other UV technology products.

In 2017, Spectra Photopolymers became part of the Formlabs family, as a wholly owned subsidiary, manufacturing all of Formlabs’ Resins.

Our Mission

Spectra Photopolymers is committed to providing quality products that consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations while promoting environmentally friendly services and technologies.

About Spectra Photopolymers