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Spectra Photopolymers’ color change printed products, thin profile radiachromic films and stickers, found significant use for various dosimetry purposes.

The use of color change to detect light has many uses from calibrating, maintaining and evaluating irradiation sources, to telling parents when their kids have been exposed to too much sun, to identifying the actual radiation dose in an amateur or professional garden. Spectra Photopolymers offers a wide variety of its thin film dosimeters for various industrial and consumer applications.

UV FastCheck Strips

Image: Printed Products – 5 sensitivity zones 

Thin Film Color Change UV dosimeters

General UV dosimeters
  • UV exposure dose monitoring (narrow web, difficult to access, partially covered and 3-D applications)
  • Good linearity color change vs accumulated exposure dose, large dynamic range of exposure doses – several or single sensitivity zones, broad spectral responsivity (suitable for undoped and various doped mercury sources)
    Comparison of multiple sources, quality control
  • An independent evaluation of these products has been performed and the results of the study have been published in trade literature
Printed Products Wheel

Image: Use of Single Sensitivity Zone Label on a Complex Geometry Part

HIGH DOSE UV Radiachromic Films

To distinguish large UV doses in the range of 3,000 – 10,000 mJ/cm2

LED Radiachromic Films

To enable LED UV-Vis light radiachromic measurements with better sensitivity in low dose range. Working range from 365nm – 405nm.

UVC Labels

Verification of sterilization

  • UV exposure dose monitoring, specifically targeted for short wavelength, 254nm, germicidal bulbs

Download 254 nm UVC Germicidal Sticker Chart

EB FastCheck Strips

Electron beam (EB) dosimeter

  • Electron beam (EB)/gamma-ray exposure dose monitoring for varying accelerated voltage
  • Depth of penetration profiling
  • Comparison of multiple sources, quality control
  • Radiation sterilization indicator

Downloand the EB Fastcheck V2 brochure


A series of tunable sun monitoring products, from minutes to several hours to days

  • Measure accumulated sun dose exposure over a period of a day in distinct increments
  • Longer sun exposure products (measurement over a period of a month) are possible



Measure accumulated room light dose exposure over a period of days in distinct increments

Download RoomLight Chart

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