Key Team Members

Many Spectra employees are alumni of Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH, USA with most being graduates of the Center for Photochemical Sciences with Ph. D. degrees from that program.

Key Team Members

Douglas C. Neckers, CEO

Dr. Douglas C. Neckers is the founder of the Center for Photochemical Sciences at Bowling Green State University. The Center is the only one in the world to focus its work on the interaction of light with matter. Over the last 16 years, their Ph. D. program has graduated nearly 140 students.

Dr. Neckers founded Spectra Group in 1991. Its charter was to focus on the formation of 3D models from medical image data, as in CT or MRI scans, for surgical planning. Among early examples was the use of stereolithography to produce 3D models from CT scans of mummies collected by founders to the Toledo Museum of Art in 1906. These models have been frequently on display at the Museum. Medical imaging is now one of the largest growing uses of stereolithography. Its uses range from planning for complex surgical procedure to preparing dentists to form carefully delineated dental prostheses.

Dr. Neckers became CEO of Spectra in 2009. Read More About Dr. Neckers

Alex Mejiritski, President and COO

Alex Mejiritski, President, Ph. D. in the Photochemical Sciences, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH; 16 years at Spectra Group. Has extensive knowledge of formulating products that use radiation (UV/EB) curing for manufacturing of coatings, photopolymers, composites, and adhesives. Scientific background in materials science with particular emphasis on surface analysis.

Chief Operating Officer, in charge of company’s day-to-day operations: Also supervises research and development activities related to the variety of projects especially those regarding the optimization of polymer/coatings properties for numerous applications. The range of end-use applications include novel materials for photocast spectacle lenses; protective coatings for steel; radiation curable paper release coatings; electron beam (EB) curable wood furniture coatings; waterborne radiation curable latexes; UV,visible light and EB cured structural reinforced materials, adhesives and others. Holder of nine issued US and World Patents, an author of 24 articles in various scientific and trade publications, Pioneering Award from the Association of Advancement of UV/EB Technology in 1998.

Oleg Grinevich, Vice President of Research

Ph. D. in the Photochemical Sciences, Bowling Green State University,Bowling Green, OH, 15 years at Spectra Group. Scientific background in physical and physical organic chemistry. Manages research and development projects related to the development of various color-changing formulations, dispersions, radical and cationic cure formulations, fluorescence cure monitoring, two-part curing systems, digital printing technologies, selective multiple color formation in polymer matrices, color formation in polymer matrices, stereolithography. Holder of five US and three World Patents and has three patent applications pending, an author of 17 articles in various scientific publications.

Dustin Martin, Vice President of Manufacturing

B.S. degrees in chemistry/computer science, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH, 22 years at Spectra Group. Manufacturing and quality control; development and optimization of the H-Nu series of visible light photoinitiators, formulating coatings with customizable properties. Co-inventor on three U.S. Patents, co-authored 8 publications in the radiation cure related field.

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