UV Curable Coatings with Flame Retardant Properties for Encapsulation of Plastic Parts

Plastic is a very common material utilized by many industries such as aerospace, electronics, automotive, sporting goods, toys,etc.. Sometimes, these products require a protective coating and oftentimes the application process is lengthy and time consuming due to the use of conventional solvent-based coatings which also release harmful chemicals to the environment (VOC’s).

Encapsulation of Plastic Parts

Energy curable coatings not only improve the efficiency of the process by reducing the curing time (often from hours to minutes or seconds) but significantly reduce the emission of VOCs, rendering coatings with excellent mechanical properties that are also environmentally friendly. Additionally, energy curable coatings are ready to use without mixing required, providing longer shelf life than the conventional 2-part systems.

Spectra Photopolymers has developed an energy curable coating (UV light cured) for the encapsulation of plastic parts for use in the automotive industry. Some of the features of this product include:

  • Excellent adhesion to PET
  • Flexible. Capable of bending 180 degrees without cracking or delaminating.
  • Fast and fully cured when exposed to UV light from various UVA-UVB light sources
  • 100% solids. No VOC. One component mixture!
  • Tack free cure
  • Flame retardant properties (UL-V0 rated)
  • Transparency
  • Humidity protection
  • Room temperature cure. No post cure necessary

This product is at the commercial stage production. If you are interested in sample and ordering information, contact us!